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Momoyo Torimitsu: Torimitsu Confronts Global Corporate Culture, October 2007, 

The Japan Society, by Midori Yoshimoto       READ ESSAY


Rejecting kawaii culture, Feb. 8, 2007, The Japan Times, Kay Itoi      READ ESSAY 

Artists show humour not only a laughing matter, Feb.05, 07, Daily Times, Shingo Ito

Mori Art Museum, sound/movie contents,

Denvers Soaring Art Scene, USA Today, Friday, Oct. 26, Gene Sloan

Defying Expectations: A Conversation with Momoyo Torimitsu, Sculpture Magazine, July/Aug, 07, Vol.26 No.6 by Kay Itoi,   READ ESSAY



Deitch Projects The Garden Party, Kunstportalen, April 25, 06, Aukje Lepoutre Ravn

Rocky Mountain High by Walter Robinson, Artnet Magazine, Oct 16th, 06,

Arbeit macht Kunst, (Work makes art), Georg Seesslen, Freitag: 34, Aug 25, 2006,

"Tempo Moderno," Larte Interpreta il Lavoro, May 2006






"Report from Gwangju 2004,"  Michael Rush, November

Momoyo Torimitsu Swiss Institute, Flash Art, March April 04 review, Melissa Pearl Friedling

Inside Track + Horizons, Art Asia Pacific, Summer 04, Andrew Markle

Momoyo Torimitsu at Deitch Projects and Swiss Institute, Art in America, May review, 

Paul Laster    READ ARTICLE

Portrait dune,nouvelle generation d artistes nippons, Kai Itoi, Le Jounal Des Arts, Jan 2004

Crawling toward Wall street: Dehumanization in several guises

Kim Levin, Village Voice    READ ARTICLE 

360degree New York, Gallery,(monthly magazine in Japan) Gen Hikage, Feb. 2004

"Momoyo Torimitsu: Horizons",, Jan. 13th 2004

NYC.flavorpill. Andrew Markle

Hustler of culture :

"Democracy Was Fun," December 10, 2004,

Business meditation, MacauArtNet, Jan 21, 04,

A New Relationship between People and People, or People and Place, Toshifumi Takei, Fuchu City Art Museum, 2004,  READ ESSAY 




"Land of the Rising Stars, Are young Japanese Artists the Next Big Thing?" The Art Newspaper, Oct 1st

Artists toon in, Making art form cartoon figures today is like 'painting a Madonna in the Renaissance, Carol Strickland, The Christian Science Monitor, June 20th, 2003

"My Reality" showcases animes influence on popular art, Franklin Harris, Nov. 27, 2003

Pulp Culture, Anime artists have their say about modern culture, Alex Sunday, 

North Asian Weekly, July 19th, 03,

Japan's hippest export, Debbi Gardiner, Japan.Inc., April, 03,



For the Swiss in Miami Beach, a Five-Day Wingding, Amei Wallach, New York Times, Dec. 22nd, 2002

Art Imitates Life, The Miami Herald, Dec. 5th, 2002

Made in Japan Anime that irresistible, addictive and cultish art form, Diane Heilenman, The Louisville Scene, Feb. 2, 2002

Artnet magazine Neo-Tokyo: Japanese Art Now, 30 Jan, 02,

Anime Comes to Akron, My Reality: by Noell Wolfgram Evans, Digital Media FX, Sep. 2002

Tokyo Pop, CityBeat volume 8, issue 13; Feb. 7-Feb. 13, 2002, Steve Ramos



"Made in Sumida: Made from Everyday RealityYukie Kamiya  2001    READ ESSAY

"Tuning in to the sounds of Sumida Ward," Asami Nagai, The Daily Yomiuri, June 14, 2001

"Glimpse Sumida's past, present, and future," Kimie Itakura, The Asahi Shimbun, p.30, June 10, 2001

"Hello Kitty," Charles Beyer, Flash Art, p. 48, Nov.-Dec. 2001

"Portait d'une nouvelle generation d'artistes nippons," Kay Itoi, Le Journal des Arts, p. 27, Jan. 9-22

The Innocent Yet Sinister Aspects of Japanese Animation, New York Times Review, Ken Johnson, Aug. 24, 01,

My Reality, ICI (International Curators International)

Cartoon Reality, Ned Higgins, Artnet Magazine review, Aug.7th,2001

Day-Glo and Darkness -Pop and politics, robots and radiation suits fuse in an ebullient Sydney show of up-and-coming young Japanese artists, Michael Fitzgerald, TIME Asia, Nov. 19, 2001

Toon Time, Japanese 'anime takes center stage at Brooklyn Museums First Saturday

Michael Wells, for the Brooklyn Papers

Goddesses and Monsters-the culture of cuteness has a dark side, Leslie Camhi, Augst 30th, 2001, The Village Voice

The Tribune Lens on IT, Apr 30, 01



"l'art dans le monde, une vision quasi planetaire a Paris," Anne Kerner, Paris Capitale,  p 98-99. (Illustration), Oct.

"Paris, capitale de "l'art dans le monde," Michel Nuridsany, Le Figaro, p 32, Sept. 12

"Trente-six revues du monde entier presentent cent artistes a Paris," Harry Bellet, Le Monde, pp.1&35, Sept 12.

"L'Art dans le Monde," Fabrice Bousteau, Nicolas Bourriaud, Pierre Restany, Beaux-Arts Magazine, No. 196, pg. 59, Sept.

"Artistes et galeries a travers le monde," Philippe Regnier, Le Journal des Arts, No. 109, p. 10, Aug. 25 - Sept. 7 

"Young Japanese Artists at De Appel," Tema Celeste, July-Sept.

Artnet review,

"Momoyo Torimitsu, Somehow I dont feel confortable," Zingmagazine, a curatorial crossing, Issue 15, pp.54-70,

"Dark Mirrors from Japan"

"Lart Dans Le Monde" a Paris, Journal l'Humanite, Sep.12,2000,

Exposition : l'art du monde dans tous ses etats. Cyrille Poy, Journal l'Humanite, Sep. 26, 2000

"Behind the Adoration of CutenessYukie Kamiya    READ ESSAY



Danchizuma-Endless Sunrise: Momenta Art, Zingmagazine, vol.2, winter 99 Ester Partegas

"Arts Abroad," The New York Times, September 1

"Ever Felt Had?," Ian Hunt, Art Monthly, September 9

"Drop the Dead Horsey," Robin Dutt, What's On, August 11

"Don't roll up for this sad little freak show," Brian Sewell, Evening Standard, July 23

"Funny Peculiar," Laura Gascoigne, Artists & Illustrators Magazine, August

"Now you see then..." The Independent Magazine, July 24.

"The Tate invites you to join the fun," Richard Dorment, The weekly Telegraph, July 21

"Tate Gallery shrugs off its serious side to get seriously silly," Lynn MacRitchie, Financial Times, July 17-18

"Who killed Squirrel Nutkin?," Laura Cumming, The Observer Review, July 18

"Silly, noisy, vulgar and daft: I like it," Philip Hensher, The Mall on Sunday (Review Art), July 18

"culture," Sunday Times, July 18

"To bump up attendance, you dump down content," John McEwen, Sunday Telegraph, Review, July 18

"Tate's crowds are horse-drawn," Robin Stringer, Evening Standard, July 19.

"Gonna reach out and grab ya," Richard Cork, The Times, Wednesday, July 14

"Cheap tricks, bad jokes, black magic," Adrian Searle, The Guardian, Tuesday, July 13

"the fun factory," Louisa Buck, The Times Magazine, July 10

"Quick hop across the Channel," Andrew Gellatly, Scotland on Sunday, July 11

"Abracadabra: International Contemporary Art," Contemporary visual arts, issue 23

"The suicidal squirrel gets a shot at fame," Rosie Millard, Sunday Express, July 4

Wolgan Misool, The Monthly Art Magazine, September

"La feerie et l'allegresse," Michel Nurudsany, Le Figaro, August 24

"Abracadabra," The Week, July 24

"On the blink," Martin Gayford, The Spectator, July 24

"Deadpan humour on show at the Tate," Nigel Reynolds, Tuesday, July 13



"Steirischer Herbst 97," Barbara U. Schmidt, art/text, February-April

"Zones of Disturbances," Jennifer Higgie, Frieze, issue 38, January/February

"Expansion Arts: Artists of Our Time II," Kim Levin, Village Voice, January 13



nmp international Nakamura Kengo interview

Salaryman, City Art, channel thirteen by Scott Sinclear.

BUSINESS AS UN-USUAL, ThingReviews NYC, by Ranier Ganahl Jan, 97,

"Unhappy in Japan," Linda Grant, Fortune Magazine, USA, January

"Business as Un-usual," Rainer Ganahl, Zing Magazine, No. 3, Spring

"Unhappy in Japan," Linda Grant, Fortune Magazine, Hong Kong, April

"A Not so found Look at the Japanese 'Miracle'," Robert Hicks, Downtown Express New York, vol. 9, issue 23

"Salary Man Robot Miyata Crawling in New York," Watanabe Sachiko, Yomiuri America, April 11

"This Art Work is Mobile," Kamiya Yukie, Oggi Japan, (August News, New York) May 9

"Steirischer Herbst," Kleine Zeitung, Austria, September 21.

"Die Lebens-Schule," Walter Titze, Kleine Zeitung, Austria, September 28

"Das Leben ist hart genug," Markus Wailand, Falter, Austria, September

"Kulturproduction als Arbeit am Widerstand," Franz Nibelhell, NZ, Austria, September 28



Life-Sized Crawling Robot from Japan Crawling to New York, Maria Wutz Nov 25, 06, ThingReviews NYC

Business as unusual Zingmagazine issue#3, Rainer Ganahl,

"Miyata Jiro goes to New York," Abe Takaki, Oggi Japan, November

"Crawl like you mean it," Robert Kolker, Time Out New York, November 7-14, No. 59

"Interview with Momoyo Torimitsu," Morishita Taisuke, Freak Out, Japan, vol.15

"Low Tech Machine," Pia, May 1996

"Installation of Big Balloon Rabbit," Tokyo Walker, July 9

"New work of Momoyo Torimitsu," Figaro Japan, July 20

"Well-crafted Fake," Gekkan Gallery, July






Installation Art in the New Millennium: The Empire of the Senses

by Nicolas De Oliveira, Nicola Oxley, Michael Petry

Published by Thames & Hudson, United States, 2003


Beginner's book of Introduction to Contemporary Art

by Yumi Yamaguchi

Published by Koubun-sha, Japan, 2002


Cool Japan - The Exploding Japanese Contemporary Arts

by Yumi Yamaguchi

Published by BNN (Bug News Network), Japan, 2004


Air / Luft: Unity of Art and Science / Einheit von Kunst und Wissenschaft

Oliver Herwig, Axel Thallemer

Published by Arnoldsche, Germany, 2005



Mother / Land, Kurumaya Museum of Art, Tochigi, Japan 2014


Now Japan Kunsthal KAdE Amersfoort, Netherland, 2013


All About Laughter, Mori Art Museum,

Tokyo, Japan, 2007


Thermocline of Art - New Asian Waves, ZKM Center for Art and Media,

Karlsruhe, Germany, 2007


Modern Time, Genoa Palazzo Ducale,

Genoa, Italy, 2006


Rising Sun, Melting Moon: Contemporary Art in Japan, The Israel Museum,

Jerusalem, Israel, 2006


Vanishing Point, Experimenta Media Arts,

Melbourne, Australia, 2006


Out of Space, UBS Gallery,

New York, United States, 2006


Gwangju 2004: A Grain of Dust, a Drop of Water, Gwangju Biennial,

Gwangju, South Korea, 2004


Flirt, Smart Project Space,

Amsterdam, Holland, 2002


Made in Sumida, Momoyo Torimitsu and family-run factories,, Sumida Riverside Hall Gallery,

Asahi beer art collaboration, Tokyo, Japan, 2001, 


Biennale di Ceramica Nell' Arte Contemporanea, Attese, The City Museum of Contemporary Art, Albissola Marina, Albissola, Italy, 2001


Neo-Tokyo, Museum of Contemporary Art,

Sydney, Australia, 2001


Inoculated Time, The Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil,

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2001


My reality, contemporary art and the culture of japanese animation, Des Moines Art Center, text by Jeff Fleming, Susan Lubowsky Talbott, Takashi Murakami. 

Des Moines Art Center & Independent Curators International, New York, 2001


Dark Mirrors of Japan, text by Yukie Kamiya, "Behind the Adoration of Cuteness," De Appel,

Amsterdam, 2000, 


Abracadabra, International Contemporary Art, Tate Gallery, edited by Catherine Grenier, and Catherine Kinley, 

Tate Gallery Publishing, London, United Kingdom, 1999


Where I am, text by Francisco Vaz Fernandez, Galeria Muncipal da Mitra,

Lisbon, Portugal, 1998


Attack/ Damage, Itabashi Art Museum,

Tokyo, Japan, 1998


Zones of Disturbances, Steirischer Herbst,

Graz, Austria, 1997


Human Figure: How does Man Express the Human Figure? O Art Museum,

Tokyo, Japan, 1996

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