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 melting away 

Scattered across the floor are 80 polyurethane resin small sculptures imitating melted chocolate Easter bunnies.


Torimitsu’s bunnies serve as a commentary on the commodity fetishism born from American capitalism and the holiday industry. Like their hollow bodies, the bunnies are void of their mythic meaning and theological connotations. The purchase of chocolate Easter bunnies has become automatic; consumers are programmed to buy them since they’re “available for a limited time only,” causing the Easter bunnies to symbolize America’s sacred ritual of consumerism.


Given the current state of the economy, these bunnies also embody the capitalist desperation that urges the consumer to buy! Buy! BUY! in order to uphold the crumbling foundations of capitalism.  

Dimention: 2”x 2” x 3 3/4“~ 4½” each

                      Installation is flexible

Material: Urethane resin  

Jane Kim /Thrust Projects, New York 2009    

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