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 Business as Habitual 

Video: 45sec, looping animation,  2014

This animation has made based on one image that was taken during the first appearance of the CEO from TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) to the press conference after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster and apologized to people in Japan. 

Bowing is one of the famous gestures in Japanese business communication. Japanese people also bow to express an apology. Especially on scandal, corporations, politicians, celebrities, provide a press conference and hold bowing performance to show expression of apology, whether they really think sorry or not (mostly not). People are expecting this performance from the one who made a mistake.
This is my cynical view of them as if puppets show of the aliens who do not have the same understanding. They are beamed down to bow, and beamed up, over and over. That represents the endless nightmare Japanese people are facing now. The crowd voices accusing them, I extracted the audio from the actual evacuee at one of the temporary shelters back then. They do perform expressing they are sorry, but in reality, they do not solve the problem at all, even hiding the truth. 

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