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Horizons is a time-based installation of 100 miniature businessmen crawling like soldiers in combat on an abstract “world map” -- a large, painted artificial turf surface complete with mountains, oil fields, cities, housing projects and other landmarks.


The miniature businessmen cross oceans and national borders as they tangle and do battle with each other, destroying their “world” in the process.


Day by day, the oil fields, cities and the rest of the landscape becomes more and more ruined and the businessmen themselves become damaged and ultimately die, as if in our real world.

dimensions  variable:

2004  Swiss Institute, NY, 12 ft x 40 ft  (3.6m x 12m ) 


modified GI Joe toys,  artificial turf,  Styrofoam,  PVC  pipes,  polyurethane resin,   fabric, plastic,

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