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 Inside Track 

Competitive psychology is part of the landscape in New York City, as it is the epicenter of the international business world.


In this video, I transpose this psychological competition into a physical contest among an Asian businessman, an American businessman, and a European businessman. 


These three characters are life-size robots, crawling on the ground like corporation "solders" engaged in corporate battle.


In addition to this video, I also present formal photographic portraits of the businessmen, in the style of a corporate annual report, and set the installation in a "corporate environment," with a reception desk, office plants and waiting area complete with black leather chairs and a gray carpet.

Inside Track

Deitch Projects, NY, 2004

video: 10 min

figure: 22 x 72 x 26 in each

Aquaresin, fiberglass, motor, steel, cloth, battery

Installation: ornament plant, carpet, office furniture, digital photo,

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