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 Miyata Jiro 

When Japan entered its high economic growth period in the 1960's, Japanese society transformed into a businessman culture characterized by entertainment, movie, karaoke, TV, compartmentalized housing, bars, and even sex industry… 


This artwork reflects my cultural back ground. I created a typical looking Japanese businessman, named Miyata Jiro and made him "crawl" as a corporation soldier. A series of Miyata Jiro performances provoked a variety of different reactions on the streets in New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, ranging from smiles and amusement to worries from people who took him for a real person and even anger.



3 channel video installation

This video project shows three different aspects of Miyata Jiro.

Performance documents, TV spots, fake TV commercials. TV spots included serious interviews, talk shows, and entertaining variety shows, differences comes from deferent interpretation depends on their cultural background.  Fake TV commercials are advertising stereotype businessman's items: a supplement drink, a cigarette brand, a business suit, and an insurance policy. The performance document shows direct access to public.  

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