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 Smile :-), Wear It Like a Costume! 

Greene Naftali Gallery NY, 2017

ISEA (International Symposium of Electric Art)

Singapore National Museum of Art, 2008

One of my interests for over a decade has been the “corporation environment” in various dimensions. I have created kinetic businessman sculptures and businessman drawings where the subjects purposely smile a very distinctive “business mode smile.”


But what happens if a businessman smiles like a nursery school teacher, or vice versa?


In this project, I have decided to investigate what I call the “professional smile.” I believe that each profession has their own way of smiling to communicate and negotiate with clients and customers. I regard it as a part of the costume of the work world, an aspect of professional behavior.


For example, a nursery school teacher, show-biz entertainer, hotel concierge or investment banker each have their own characteristic smile. While the teacher’s is friendly and unthreatening, the banker’s is meant to convey an influential, strong and confident impression. We all know there is a reason for these differences based on our society’s expectations.


I am researching the definition of these individual professional smiles, and investigating their relationship within our social system. What makes them so different? Can we “wear” another profession’s smile like extension of a work costume?


I was interested in how far I could pursue a social sculptural event through media art. I have entitled this project, “Smile , Wear It Like a Costume!” to play with and replace the different types of smiles of different professionals. The audience can use their own faces to play with the different smiling patterns.


A viewer can take a picture of their blank face, select a smile of “Caregiver” “Entertainer” “Service Business” “Corporation” and apply on their face as if their work costume.


All the smiling patterns I’ve collected were through collaboration with Singapore professionals who have volunteered to help me.

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